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Our own proprietary, technology platform aggregates all data to create a cohesive health management program to offer a seamless end-to-end customer journey.

Family Health Tool


Designed to provide you and your family with the tools and resources you need to lead healthy lives.

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Access to curated health and wellness content, Health Risk Assessment (HRA) Know your health numbers, Upload and maintain Health records, Identify Health Risk, Health check-up appointment booking tool, Prioritise/Schedule as per convenience, Track Health Parameters.

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Track Health Parameters


Empower individuals with access to curated network of providers of healthcare to not only understand their condition—but take an active role in managing it with confidence.

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Digitized reports with easy and anytime access to self, counsellors, doctors, share reports and update progress on health, Doctors/specialists consultations, Second opinion with experts, Strategies to reduce individual health risks, Access to Blogs, Maintain Self and Family Health, Reminders to members based on Health Risk/Medical History.

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Health Platform


Tracking, Monitoring & Managing personal health care, fostering behavior change and establishing meaningful partnerships with care management experts and other wellness enablers.

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Access to care Experts & health coaches, Case Management, On-call doctors and health specialists, Compliance & adherence to therapy, Order medicines, Curated healthcare provider access, Integration with Fitness & medical devices, Real time tracking & access, Outcome tracking.

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Health Fitness


Create and sustain a vibrant culture of emotional health, social & community well-being. 

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Mindfulness – Counselling with therapists to reduce anxiety and other mental stress, Mental Health Exercises – Mind empowerment exercises to help you keep focused, Access to fitness experts and centres, Assess to counsellors to build resilience.

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With VIVANT as your Vital Companion, we provide complete wellbeing solutions that inspire individuals to be healthier, happier and energised.



Personalized Member Experience, Best-in-Class Analytics, Evidence-Based Approach; Seamless Integrated Platform of Services.


Women’s Health

Your vital companion, giving women the confidence and enthusiasm to prepare for the varied health changes in her life


Condition Management

Our programs fully support members with preventive and chronic care to manage specific risks and conditions.

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Vivant leverages more than 6 years of innovation & trusted partnerships to effectively transform the health of people & communities.

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