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How it works

Our Pregnancy tips and care program offers you a personalized support through each stage of your pregnancy week by week and delivery. You’ll receive information on
identifying pregnancy risk factors and pregnancy care tips, as well as access to our experienced antenatal experts or pregnancy doctor to address each trimester wise need.

Pregnancy Tips


Helps women to take informed steps towards a healthy pregnancy stages.

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Access to wide range of knowledge library of articles, pregnancy tips, pregnancy test, pregnancy symptoms, online videos, newsletters different phases, Labour preparation, breastfeeding and parenting guidance.

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Pregnancy Test


Access to Risk Assessment, Signs of pregnancy, Customized plans, Medical Opinion, Pregnancy Doctor and Diagnostics through Concierge services. 

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Access to Gynaecologists or Pregnancy Doctor and antenatal experts for medical second opinions, health concierge services for booking discounted diagnostic pregnancy test and medicines.

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Pregnancy Tracker


Personalized Goal Setting, guidance and monitoring pregnancy week by week. 

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Access to customized diet, fitness, exercise during pregnancy and lifestyle plans as per individual needs.

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Pregnancy Symptoms


Access to psychological & emotional support, Tracking of health parameters, Pregnancy Process, Pregnancy Tracker and Foetal movements. 

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Access to psychological counsellors, antenatal classes, calculators and tools for tracking of health parameters, medicine intake, fetal movements etc.

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Pregnancy Stages Programs

Comprehensive ante natal care for Expectant Mothers and New Mothers

pregnancy care tips


Online support program with easy access to experts with diet and fitness plansi.e. exercise during pregnancy, access to discounted diagnostic services. Answers to queries through chat with expert.

pregnancy stages


Monthly teleconsultation by pregnancy doctor or health coach with diet and fitness plans and easy access to experts, discounted diagnostic and services.

pregnancy test


Fortnightly teleconsultation by health coach with diet and fitness plans and easy access to experts. Welcome kit containing glucose monitor. Discounted diagnostic and second opinion services.

3 months pregnant


Weekly teleconsultation by health coach with diet and fitness plans. Easy access to experts. Welcome kit containing glucose monitor. Pre and post diagnostic tests on complimentary basis.

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