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How it works

We inspire individuals to incorporate healthy habits into their daily activities from chronic disease – habits that will positively impact the physical, emotional, and social aspects of your lives and helps fight health problems.
These tools motivate action that can maintain chronic disease, healthcare management, prevent disease, chronic illness and reduce the risk of existing health problems.

health problems


Provides members with a rich set of information related to diabetes prevention and management.

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Access to health articles and health problems, online videos and daily informative tips.

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chronic disease


Access to HRA to identify individual health goals basis the wellness score. 

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Access to health concierge services for booking discounted diagnostic tests and medicines and regular glucose monitoring to ensure positive outcomes.

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chronic illness


Access to personalized guidance and monitoring by a dedicated care expert. 

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Customized fitness, nutrition, stress management, medication intake and glucose levels as per individual needs.

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Diabetes Care and Management


Access to support and motivation throughout the healthcare management program. 

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Access to psychological counsellors, medical second opinion services, fitness experts, gyms, fitness and medicine trackers for better lifestyle management.

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Diabetes programs

Prevention is not only cure but also cost-effective in Pre-Diabetic symptoms.

acute and chronic diseases


The Diabetes Prevention Program designed for users diagnosed with pre-diabetes, overweight or family history of Diabetes.

critical illness


The Diabetes program provides a rich set of information and an integrated set of Engagement and clinical support capabilities.

Health Problems Solution

Health and Wellbeing comes full circle with your Vital Companion.
Users can make lifestyle changes at their own pace with a variety of Condition Management Programs that are designed to help achieve their health objectives in key targeted areas.

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Diabetes Management Program

The program identifies member’s health goals and help achieve them through personalized action plans.
Users have access to care experts providing guidance on fitness, nutrition, stress management and medication tracking.



Online support program with easy access to experts with diet and fitness plans, discounted diagnostic services. Answers to queries through chat with expert.


Mini Plus

Monthly teleconsultation by health coach with diet and fitness plans and easy access to experts, discounted diagnostic and services.



Fortnightly teleconsultation by health coach with diet and fitness plans and easy access to experts. Welcome kit containing glucose monitor. Discounted diagnostic and second opinion services.


Max Plus

Weekly teleconsultation by health coach with diet and fitness plans. Easy access to experts. Welcome kit containing glucose monitor. Pre and post diagnostic tests on complimentary basis.

Vivant is partnering with Anandwan to help them in their journey to become a true “smart village” by providing access to technologically advanced Healthcare solutions.
As a part of this initiative, Vivant in association with TEA is conducting a program on Nutrition Awareness and Healthy eating habits at SDMC Primary School, Pushpa Vihar, New Delhi.
Around 425 Students, parents and teaching staff would be covered through workshop-based programs focussing on basics of nutrition, importance of Hygiene, and healthy habits.

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